Thursday, May 19, 2011

Speeches Speeches Speeches

For tonight (Thursday), I'd like for you to further explore your supports. Sure, you know that the Cards are better than the Cubs because we've got Pujols, but give me some information about that. What's his average? Why is he such an asset to the team? How is he compared to Cubs players?
Yes, we know that Chicago neighborhoods are awesome because they've got their own ethnic identities, but which identities are there? What do those unique identities do for the overall effect of the 'hood? Do the people band together more and create a safer environment?
Get into specifics, ok?
I want to see a nice, comprehensive outline for tomorrow. I WILL BE GRADING YOU ON THIS OUTLINE! Use the one on the back of your packet for guidance.

Watch the below for a little more info on speech-making...

And now watch this one just for fun.